Feeding And The Causes And Diet For The Absence In 2021

Feeding And The Causes And Diet For The Absence In 2021

Introduction Of Feeding And The Causes And Diet For The Absence In 2021





Feeding And The Causes And Diet For The Absence In 2021. We will focus on the absence first of all if you do not suffer from amenorrhea it is good that you know your menstrual cycle how to know If your menstrual cycle is healthy, you can write down what is you are noticing throughout your menstrual cycle you can take a diary and write down if you feel mood swings physical changes and also write down what day is coming and how is this menstruation how many days does it last if you have had pain if you have had any symptoms write it down so that you have an A little bit of reference I will explain you quickly and without much delay.

How is a standard menstrual cycle until day 13 of the cycle we go through the follicular phase on day 1 begins with the first day of menstruation that this it can last between 3 and 7 days it should not be with a very heavy flow nor should it be painful afterward if a phase with practically no flow after the menstruation you should feel energized with training well with enthusiasm eating the world from 14 to 20 ovulation occurs at this moment is when you can get pregnant here our body is a party and from a couple of days before you will notice that your flow is more sticky abundant and elastic from 21 to 28 we enter the premenstrual phase.

The luteal phase in this last phase of the cycle occurs an imbalance

Which together with ovulation is the luteal phase in this last phase of the cycle occurs an imbalance between estrogens and progesterone and this itself can cause a certain type of symptomatology such as more fatigue feeling a little sadder a little more depressive migraines are You may need a little more rest at this stage of the cycle and take things more calmly, nothing happens if you need to, take an I breathe this culminates with menstruation and here our cycle begins again if Some of this fails, you may have some kind of alteration in your cycle menstrual periods such as very heavy or very painful periods or very long cycles is say of more than 37 days or that you suffer from amenorrhea. Read More Feeding And The Causes And Diet For The Absence In 2021.

What consequences can lead to having a smaller area the first is bone problems the fact of being more than three months without menstruation can cause a decalcification of your bones that is why it is important to look for the reason and find the solution also this may be one of the reasons why you consider using contraceptives it is important that you know that the consumption of contraceptives have not been shown to improve calcium loss from your bones, therefore, rethink whether or not you want to consume them also many times it is a patch they are simply a plaster does not resolve the fact of also your amenorrhea because having bleeding is not the same as menstruation another consequence is that you will not be able to get pregnant if that is.

What you are looking for and you may also notice changes mood changes in your skin in your weight perhaps it costs you more to maintain your weight and also a loss of muscle mass to prevent all these consequences you are interested in knowing the cause of the loss of your menstruation and the first step is Go to your gynecologist or gynecologist so that he can perform all the tests you need and thus have a good diagnosis once we have the diagnosis we can know how to act the most common causes of amenorrhea are in addition to pregnancy and menopause functional hypothalamic amenorrhea also polycystic ovary syndrome known as a shock a hyper prolactin m and prolonged use of hypothyroidism or other contraceptives diseases such as ovarian failure with the food we can intervene in many of them.





If you are interested in recovering your cycle

So if you are interested in recovering your cycle or want to know more about menstrual health keep listening to this video first I want to make it clear that the work of the nutritionist should always go accompanied by your gynecologist or gynecologist and it is possible that in some cases we also need the support of an endocrinologist or a psychologist in what is the treatment good as you can imagine the treatment depends on the origin of your amenorrhea in this video we will dedicate it to the two most usual the smallest the one of squid the mica and the sun we will start with the smallest from there the mica, in this case, does not have a single approach because many times the cause it is multifactorial the less real is the tip of the iceberg but it has appeared by several factors, although. Comment It Feeding And The Causes And Diet For The Absence In 2021.

It does seem that the most relevant is a low energy intake and especially the carbohydrate deficit contrary to what It has been thought for a long time that it is not necessary to be underweight or very low-fat percentage to suffer from amenorrhea we can find ourselves women of a healthy weight or high-fat percentage who suffer from to less real simply because they are not consuming enough calories, therefore, the first thing we will do is readjust the pattern so that have enough calories and enough carbohydrates so that the functions begin little by little to be restored in women athletes or women with low weight the need will be a little higher In the case of sportswomen, it has also been observed that.


Intermittent Fasting And Weight Loss In 2021

Those who many spend without taking inges to suffer more problems in your menstrual cycle either minor or other problems, therefore, we will always recommend eating five meals a day and including in all of them a portion of complex carbohydrate such as natal bread rice pasta or also fruits and although carbohydrates are key You should not forget about fats either, healthy fats, therefore every day include olive oil, nuts, seeds and, regularly, the bluefish increasing energy consumption is not always easy in some cases it will be difficult for us to accept it psychologically or functionally we will have to adapt little by little to a greater intake of food and in some cases.

The consumption of vegetables

We should also pay attention to the consumption of vegetables which means if we consume too many vegetables we increase too much fiber consumption and this provides us with greater satiety in some cases it can help but and maybe not because if I got it before that means that I eat less and therefore it will cost us more to reach the adequate calorie intake, in addition, recent studies have also observed that fiber in the colon can capture our estrogens and causes that it is not reabsorbed therefore that the levels of estrogens fall these size estrogens are reduced in a smaller area, therefore, this will not help us so vegetables are important but you should monitor.

How much you are consuming during this process you can also seek emotional support from someone who will accompany you without being judged you may need a non-psychologist psychologist to help you cope with the idea of this situation and also to take away your fear the fear of eating to eat true type of food and certain amounts in some occasions you will have to reduce a little training load although exercise alone has not proved to be the cause of a minor Potala mica it is true that reducing the number of exercises will make it easier for us to meet the requirements energy once we have this we can assess the consumption of some supplements that help us deal with stress and regulate the hypothalamus like magnesium or expand and also support ovulation with supplements such as zinc or bi text among others Another very common reason for amenorrhea is ovarian syndrome polycystic.

The sun affects 10 percent of women and configures a group of symptoms related to ovulation and a and a high level of androgens is important as we have commented to get a good diagnosis We can’t rule out the sun with an ultrasound and it can’t either confirm it is considered that a woman can have shops and meets the following symptoms related to non-ovulation and high androgens 1 irregular period or polycystic ovarian amenorrhea on ultrasound two high levels of androgens in laboratory tests or symptoms of excess androgens such as hirsutism, hair loss, hormonal acne, the types that we can come out on the chin and three have ruled out others high androgen reasons such as contraceptive use or high prolactin hypothyroidism and some psychiatric medications in Depending on the symptoms that.





The nutritional guidelines recommendations and the type of supplementation

We have, we can adjust well the nutritional guidelines recommendations and the type of supplementation will vary the function of this symptomatology but we can make some recommendations General to start you should avoid the consumption of simple sugars both the sugars that we can add and the white sugar the brown honey or syrups as in consuming food sweets such as pastries always consume carbohydrates accompanied by vegetables and proteins try to enhance whole grain products and legumes do strength training this can also be very useful try to have dinner early so you can digest before bedtime and keep a healthy weight can also help you improve all the symptoms.

That carries shock to support ovulation also exist some supplements that can help you although I insist this you should customize it together with your gynecologist or gynecologist two of the supplements that most we use in the sop are mine on a site that will help reduce levels of androgens and will also support regular ovulation and nourishing zinc ovarian follicles to promote progesterone and healthy ovulation you should also make sure that the vitamin d levels are correct You will know this by performing analysis and so you can check if the levels are adequate or low if you have low levels of vitamin d it will be important to carry out a supplementation. Like That Feeding And The Causes And Diet For The Absence In 2021.

Since this can also intervene in your menstrual cycle depending on the situation we can assess other supplements such as magnesium verbena or lipoic fire but as I said this we will see it depending on each case once we start the treatment your menstrual cycle will take some time to recover can be between three-six months or even longer especially in a younger hypothalamic age this will not be an easy road that is why I wanted to dedicate the last minutes of this video to tell you the experiences of some of the patients that I have had a consultation I have asked them to explain things to me that they consider that they are important or some experience they have lived for so that you do not feel alone if you find that you have a lower Potala mika one of the things that has cost me the most is having patience.

Which you must trust the people who help and trust oneself another

It is a long process in which you must trust the people who help and trust oneself another says do not settle when a gynecologist tells you to consume contraceptives look for the reason and help to solve it give yourself the rest that you need and pampering from time to time do not overtrain if you are tired rest listen to your body and respect later I also have another case that says that I was aware that a balanced diet is important but my habits were very restrictive I had practically eliminated from my diet.

The carbohydrates I had amenorrhea for a year until after four months with a nutritional guideline I went back to where I included the food groups that I had illuminated and increased my intake caloric I get my menstruation back the key is energy if your body does not It has enough energy, saves and there are functions that it does not do, I am clear that carbohydrates are an essential source of energy so that everything works.





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