Diet Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Diet Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Introduction Of Diet Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Diet Second Trimester Of Pregnancy. We increase the size of this rice salad a little It does not mean to plate a plate of rice but to add a couple or three tablespoons more of this salad or also add some food for example in the snack or breakfast could be the case of an apple and two pisco teas with pasteurized fresh cheese always or yogurt with dried fruits with a handful of walnuts with this we would already reach 200 or 300 kilocalories additional as you can see is not a lot of quantity so it is not necessary gorge yourself or eat for two or eat for three either well and at this stage, it is very important both in the second trimester and throughout pregnancy.





The consumption of fruits vegetable legumes

The consumption of fruits vegetable legumes I focus not only on the second trimester but on the entire development of the nine months of pregnancy and also the consumption of healthy fats, in this case, is very important because it goes very well for the correct development t neuronal of the baby and where we find these healthy fats because in the fish like salmon or sardines in walnuts or dried fruit also in olive oil all these essential foods during the stage of pregnancy another mineral to consider in the second trimester it is iron and in iron the iron needs because the volume of blood when we are pregnant increases and this means that.

The iron and its needs also, therefore, foods such as legumes accompanied by vitamin C that increases its absorption are very important o foods such as eggs, fish, shellfish, mollusks red meats that are rich in iron are very important to have to take into account during this period what happens if we do not have a good contribution of iron, since what is called anemia appears, anemia could translate into pregnancy low birth weight or delivery premature therefore your gynecologist your doctor must control with a blood test these iron levels and if they are low should be supplemented but if they are not low it is not necessary to supplement with iron another very important mineral in the second trimester is calcium the calcium as you know helps the formation of bones and food as per.

Dairy products or vegetable drinks enriched in calcium

For example, dairy products or vegetable drinks enriched in calcium or toasted sesame that we can add to salads to yogurt to creams vegetables are very rich in calcium and will help us meet the requirements of this mineral and finally in this period I would like to highlight proteins to have a structural role in our body and right now in those packed in women pregnant is forming a new life are forming all the structures of enzymes tissue tissues hormones muscle mass all this from our baby is forming, therefore, proteins are increased protein needs are increased this as I said before no means that.

Now we should start to go protein but have a good contribution of them and consume a good source of protein that could be both vegetable and animal those of vegetable origin for example would be legumes mixed with whole grains and those of animal origin as they would be eggs fish or meat well and as a summary after all what I explained to you I summarize during the second trimester that would be important because the increase in the total calories provided through the diet that would be between 200 and 300 kilocalories per day and maintain a good intake of healthy fats calcium iron and protein with this I hope I have solved some of your doubts.




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