7 Healthy Breakfast For Kids How To Prepare Healthy Children Lunches In 2021

7 Healthy Breakfast For Kids How To Prepare Healthy Children Lunches In 2021

Introduction Of 7 Healthy Breakfast For Kids How To Prepare Healthy Children Lunches In 2021




7 Healthy Breakfast For Kids How To Prepare Healthy Children Lunches In 2021. A wholemeal bread a toast of wholemeal bread or whole wheat bread sticks or cereals such as oat flakes or corn flakes toasted or wheat flakes without added sugar and we can then mix them with milk with yogurt or mix with a shake, for example, a shake of milk with fruit and the cereal that we choose for example oats and in the end this Well, it will help us to replace the dreaded breakfast biscuit. it would be the carbohydrate of breakfast because instead of biscuit a hydrate of healthy carbon and finally fruits is like the ‘more of the breakfast must be present are very important because they contain many vitamins many minerals.

Our child’s health better

That will help our child’s health better and also your defenses are also stronger and then lastly by last group healthy fats these healthy fats always accompany either bread, for example, olive oil or yogurt or milk in the form of nuts or avocado we could also make avocado toast and healthy fat avocado well once already seen the food groups that must be present in the breakfasts how we can mix them well here I am going to give you seven ideas one for every day of the week and now we are going to review them all the first idea of breakfast is the typical bowl of milk with cereals type with flex and strawberries or the fruit you want and nuts here as we see we have the fruit we have the dairy.


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That would be milk and we have healthy fats that would be the fruits I forgot dry carbohydrates and corn flakes or puffed corn that are made without added sugars the second breakfast idea would be yogurt with oatmeal blueberries and nuts here instead of milk as in the case previous we have yogurt which is a dairy that is also rich in probiotics and so it goes very well for our intestinal flora we have the blueberries that would be the fruit and the nuts that would be the version of healthy fats let’s go for the third example of breakfast a toast whole wheat bread with unsweetened peanut butter and banana slices in this case.





We have bread carbohydrate fat peanut butter healthy

We have bread carbohydrate fat peanut butter healthy and the banana that would be the fruit we can an option that works it usually works very well to cut the bread into strips and dip it in a glass of milk so we do how we imitate a bit what we would do with the typical cookie but in cookie, the place is a slightly healthier version the fourth example for breakfast it would be a sandwich of ham and cheese accompanied by a bread wholemeal with seeds for example and we could also put the ham cheese and some slices of tomato and lettuce is that we do not feel like lettuce does not pass anything we take it away and we can still introduce it after a few weeks to see if you feel like it more.

If you don’t feel like it because nothing happens only with the tomato or only with the cheese and with it and with the ham in In this case we could accompany this sandwich with a handful of grapes to have the fruit that always has to be present today I recommend that always be present and a glass of milk for example or water the fifth breakfast idea would be a whole-wheat toast with avocado and kiwi and here I encourage you to try it because it seems a little strange but it is very.

If you mash it jce and it in Taiz in the bread

The avocado is delicious if you mash it jce and it in Taiz in the bread because it is very a table substitute what would be butter for example and you can add the kiwi, for example, you can use the yellow kiwi which is a little sweeter when first and then try with the green kiwi that is a has an acid point but together with avocado and whole wheat bread, the truth is that it looks very good and we can accompany it with a glass of milk or water the sixth breakfast idea It would be a toast with a French omelet and this omelet you can fill to taste of what you want with cheese with vegetables for example mushrooms or with tomato pieces asparagus pieces with spinach all.

The end is to give a little to the imagination and fill the omelet with what whichever you like the most and the seventh and last breakfast idea would be yogurt with apple compote and a little cinnamon and this yogurt we could Accompany for example with some sticks or some cereals or a toast of bread with oil tell you that the four food groups that are explained all of them or some of them may be present for example if you do not You want to have a glass of milk for breakfast and prefer a glass of water, nothing happens.





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